The Zombie Prom King and Queen!

Well, this was a fun Halloween!  It was the first time ever that Brian and I have dressed for the occasion!  Brian picked out the costumes and I did our makeup.  I learned some cool movie makeup tips a long time ago when I was going to become an Esthetician in the 90s… obviously that never panned out, but the classes I took finally paid off!  Everyone was so impressed with the makeup jobs I did on both of us, which was nice to hear!  I’ve posted a few of the photos we took that night so you can see how ghoulish we looked!  We spent the evening at Jack and Virginia Hagerman’s house… Jack is one of Brian’s best friends.  They make a haunted house maze thingy in their driveway and Brian got to spend the evening scaring all the kids.  I gave out candy and watched Jurassic Park 3 on the movie screen they put up in their front yard… very cool!  Halloween is always great fun in their neighborhood… everyone gets in to it and there are a lot of trick-or-treaters in the area too!  This dressing up thing was very fun.  I’m actually looking forward to it again next year!
Our spooky faces!

Our spooky faces!

Zombie Prom King & Queen

Zombie Prom King & Queen


Beautiful!Oh so scary!

Now here are Brian with his two best friends.  In order from left to right:  Brian, Phill, and Jack!  That whole Raggedy Ann thing with Phill surprised us both… we were not expecting that!  Jack was the grim reaper, but he was wearing a mask and a black cloak most of the night so you don’t see it here since it was the end of the evening….

Brian, Phill, and Jack!

Brian, Phill, and Jack!

And last, but certainly not least, here’s a picture of our baby girl Toffee!  She did very well considering how many people were out on Halloween!  We got her groomed at Petco on Wednesday and she came home wearing a cute little Halloween bandana with ghosts all over it!  I don’t condone clothing on pets, but I figured a little bandana wouldn’t kill me just this once.  Besides, it’s not like I put pants on her or anything!  She’s so cute!

Our Toffee Girl!

Our Toffee Girl!

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One Comment on “The Zombie Prom King and Queen!”


    Toffee looks darling in her bandanna!! She’s on the slippery slope to clothing! Your make-up job was perfect, Melissa. That’s something I did not know about you – that you could do make-up like that. Excellent job!!

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